About us

We’re manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and an online shop for home decor products. You can buy products for your store, retail shop, for wholesale or even for online sale just by placing an order through the About Home Wholesale Market. Here you can purchase all the products available on our online store at a wholesale price. We provide all kinds of home decor products like Rugs, bathmats, throws, blankets and even furniture. We give the best prices for these products as we manufacture these goods ourselves.

You can also choose to sell these products on your shop or online and make a good profit on these items. Your order should not be less than £ 300 to qualify to get these products at a wholesale price from our About Home Wholesale Market. This price also varies upon the amount of products you buy. We provide free delivery of these products to your doorstep.

Place an order

  1. Choose the products you want to buy from our online shop.
  2. Give us a call on the provided contact details and we will give you a wholesale quote for your chosen products, depending upon the quantity bought.
  3. Provide your delivery and contact details over the phone.
  4. We’ll send you an invoice for your order on your provided email address.
  5. Make the payment for your order.
  6. Your goods will be dispatched and delivered to your given address within 5 days.

Make your business grow

It’s a great way to make your business grow. All the products available on our store are also available for wholesale. At About Home wholesale market, we provide flexibility in your order so you can order any items in your order as long as it is more than 300 £. No one can give you a better price for an item than the manufacturer themselves. Cut out the middlemen! Don’t let this deal slip away, order now!

Social Media

These products are the best way to decorate a living room and give it a good feel. You can check out our shop on facebook and instagram , and you can place a wholesale order there by sending a message. Get amazing deals on products and buy now!! Give us a review and tell us what you think, because your feedback means a lot to us.